Coffee Videos Online: Why People Like Them

The internet offers an amazing universe of possibilities to everyone. Online videos are easy to find and view upon demand.

On top of that, viewing is free in many online video websites, including YouTube, no matter how often and how many times you choose to view the videos. There are so many different topics, categories, issues and subjects available on video that it is possible to find just about anything one needs or wants on video with the push of a button. The fact that online videos are short makes it convenient to enjoy a video during a break at home or at work.

Videos related to coffee abound. This is not surprising since coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after petroleum.

Coffee is a beverage of choice of millions around the world and a favorite to drink while watching, uploading and sharing videos with friends, family and other internet connections.

Online coffee video selections cover a wide range of topics ranging from A to Z.

1. It is easy to familiarize yourself with the selections available. Literally, in no time, you can enjoy watching a video about coffee harvesting in Brazil or education about sustainable practices in Ethiopia or Papua New Guinea.

2. Think of anything related to coffee and you will find it on video. Coffee fragrances. Types of beans. Coffee making tips. Coffee drinking etiquette. Coffee making equipment, filters, grinders, mugs, and other kitchen equipment. Gourmet coffee club memberships.

3. Cooking and beverage coffee recipes. Cupping and brewing techniques. Boiling, steaming and texturing milk to add to coffee. Barista schools and baristas at work. Tips on how to become a coffee exporter, auditor, master roaster or farmer. Coffee stain cleaning tips.

4. Health and research studies about caffeine consumption. Songs, comedy, literature, art, advertising, marketing, history, legends, customs, and many more subjects of videos related to the beans!

Coffee is a part of the American culture and it is a popular drink across all age groups.

As the demographics change, the beverage is served in ever more creative ways which keep increasing the market share and consumer adoption. The variety of videos and topics available about coffee online reflect the established and new interests of coffee consumers in the US and worldwide. Marketers and consumers agree that there are many choices of online videos available and everyone recognizes that time remains a constant and limited resource. It is indeed hard to compete for attention to videos online. To attract online viewers, videos must become more relevant, interactive, informative and specific to niche audiences.

With more than 150 million users on Twitter, over 700 million on Facebook and many more millions across other distribution networks, the potential for a coffee video to go viral or reach a large circulation does exist.

This is true, particularly, if the content has the right message and touches the right audiences at the right time. With all the virtual socialization taking place, it seems sometimes like each person or company is shouting for attention. It is true that everyone wants their message to be heard. The challenge is, our ears and minds can only handle so much information before we tune it out completely. The viewer controls the place and the time when to personally interact with the online video. This makes the experience more appealing and is one of the reasons why online video watching, in general, is considered an untapped marketing frontier. For coffee lovers, online videos about their favorite beverage provide valuable engagement and interaction with a brand, a cause or an organization that has potential for long-term recall and loyalty.

One of the great benefits of technology advances is that they force change and movement.

Many of the new technologies, new distribution channels, and the myriad of different delivery formats available today were the stuff of science fiction a decade ago. All these changes contribute to the continued availability and increased circulation of coffee related videos. This is good news for the coffee lover: it is unlikely that there will ever be a lack of important, interesting, fun and relevant coffee video content available online.

The social media landscape is changing very fast, and these changes have a direct impact on coffee flavors, brands and marketing.

Early-adopting consumers tend to be the first to try a new flavor or a new type of coffee making equipment. Other consumers join in once they spot the trend established by the early adopters. Eventually, large numbers join the party. Before you know it, the cycle repeats itself with more consumers worldwide enjoying the brew as their beverage of choice.